Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beautiful Vision Podcast 046: Shaka

MIX TIME AGAIN! Kolour LTD family members Shaka & Funkyjaws Beautiful Vision Podcast combine for another brilliant installment of the Beautiful Vision podcast series. Highly recommended listening tackle from us! If you missed it, Shaka's "Urbanatural" EP from Kolour LTD is out now as well as Funkyjaws "Feel This Way" EP is out today!

KLRLTD 022 "Feel This Way" EP out now!

Release day is always a great day! Very happy to see our boy Funkyjaws debut EP - Feel This Way - finally out. It comes courtesy of a bright red piece of wax as well as some rather lovely words from the folks over at Juno Records. Cheers guys!

"Its feelgood, summertime disco house on the Feel This Way EP, by Belarusian DJ and producer from Grodno and reminiscent of DJ Sneak or Nick Holder's disco cut ups from the mid-nineties. There's some sure fire goodness for sunny day parties on the A side: From the hands in the air vibe of the title track, to the soulful funk groove of "Party Train". On the flip, things get a bit techier on "Acid Indie Club" which much like the name suggests has a warped synth lead that soon gives way to some wicked, big band disco style brass sounds. They leave the best 'til last on "Sundown" though, which you could imagine being played at exactly that time at one awesome beach party to remember."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shaka October chart for Juno

New Shaka October Juno vinyl chart up! This month sees some nice tunes from the likes of Сергей Фанкипасть, Junktion, Fouk, Dicky Trisco, Kolour LTD, Vega Records, Paul Moore, Olivier Boogie, Razor-N-Tape, Borrowed Identity, Shaka, Gari Romalis, and more. Check it out by clicking here!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dance Party Chronicles reviews the Shaka EP

Thanks to Martin Miguel for the nice review of Shaka's "Urbanatural" EP on Dance Party Chronicles! Read it for yourself by clicking here!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 Real House Records You Need To Hear Now

Nice to see the Closed Paradise EP mentioned in Pules Radio's "10 Real Deep House Records You Need To Hear Now". Cheers to every single person who's picked up a copy of this record, the support is beyond measure! See their picks here!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Funkyjaws "Feel This Way" EP coming soon!

Our next release on LTD comes courtesy of long-standing family member and all around awesome guy Funkyjaws. His Kolour LTD collabs with FourWalls last year were some of the biggest releases of 2014 and now he's returning to us once again in solo fashion with four choice cuts of proper deep house .. love at first listen for us (again). Out very soon on a burning hot piece of bright red wax!

Juno reviews Shaka!

To dispel Juno Records question - it is indeed BOTH. One of us lives in "The D" and the other lives in "The H". Now that the geographical mystery is solved - we can salute those fine folks at Juno for yet another humbling review of our material and the nice words about our label. It's inspirational to say the least!

"We're not sure if the crew from Kolour are from Houston or Detroit; perhaps both? What we do know is that they release some funky sure-fire deep house that's guaranteed to rock dancefloors and this is further indication. Shaka is a Swiss fellow known to his mum as Kurt Spichiger. Some of you may know him from early noughties minimal imprints such as Revolver and Morris Audio. On this four tracker he provides some nifty deep house that's worth checking. "Urbanature" is the first track and it's all swirling, feel good nu-disco business. On the flip "Time Is A Trick" is smoother and has those lush arp stabs facing off with a killer 303 lead and the real highlight on here." - Juno Records

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shaka's "Urbanatural" EP is OUT NOW!

HOT DAMM! The Urbanatural EP by our good friend Shaka (Kurt Spichiger) is now available from the Juno krew. It's received loads of support ahead of being release (thank you everyone!).

Here's what a few folks have to say:

Mark Farina: Fresh as always!
Tensnake: loving it, thank you as always!
Mr. V: A Kind of Love is HOT!
Marcel Vogel: Really like the jazzy bounce to Urbanatural.
Henri Fontaine (Inner Sense): A Kind of Love is my fav. Deep, smooth cut!
Phil Darimont: Kolour LTD never disappointing - good stuff!
Washerman: Beautiful deep EP from Swiss brother, Shaka. Love it!!
Tobias Lidström: House music that makes me feel good, what more to ask for?
Jason Kriv: Really great EP. I think Urbanatural is the one for me being more of a party jam and that loop is infectious! But the other 3 cuts are some realy tasty deepness as well.
Ron Shiller: Yes! Great job from around the corner!

Resonate Presents: Jimpster Oct 16th!

If you're in or around the Houston, TX area, be sure to catch our very own Mike W supporting Jimpster at the Jet Lounge! For more info, hit up the event page on Facebook by clicking here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kolour LTD Guestmix: Shaka

So it's been a while since our last Kolour LTD guestmix. We're going to change that however as we usher in a new member of the family. Ahead of his release with us and knowing that he's a DJ first .. we asked Shaka to lay us down some of those Swiss underground vibes and the result is one hell of a mix! Ahead of our EP with him that's right around the corner - we give the Kolour LTD guest-mix sessions a long overdue re-upping with our man Shaka. An hour and a half of great music awaits you!


1. First Choice – Love & Happiness "Intro"
2. Session Victim – Do It Now (Delusion of Grandeur)
3. W & P Hgg – Edit Gospel #4 "Dubbyman Remix" (Deep Explorer)
4. Caserta – Ricky (Shadeleaf)
5. Cratebug – Deputy (KAT)
6. Leftside Wobble – Dub & Run "LW Edit" (X-Cursions)
7. Ugly Drums + Chesney – It’s Alright (KolourLTD)
8. Sinnamon – Thanks To You (Becket)
9. Barnaby Bruce – Séance Fiction (Palm & Charms)
10. Borrowed Identity – Musique (Home Sick)
11. DJ VAS – What’s Funk (EDR)
12. Gay Marvine – Wacky Jacky (Bath House Etiquette)
13. Fouk – Kill Frenzy (Heist)
14. Steven Wonnlejay – Thing To Do (Quintessentials)
15. Louie Vega starring Adeva – I Deserve To Breath (Vega)
16. The Nathaniel X Project – A.F.N.D. (Undertones)
17. Track Masters – Come On, Do Anything (Nervous)
18. Goshawk – Sun Up (Heavy Vibes) (KolourLTD)
19. Giovanni Damico – Satellite "Tomson remix" (We Play Wax)
20. Larry Heard presents Mr. White – You Rock Me (Alleviated)

KLRLTD021 - Shaka - Urbanatural EP - OUT NEXT WEEK!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Last Supplement available now on Traxsource

Normally, we're not the digital types these days. However, we've decided to make the Last Supplement LP from Nathaniel X available digitally in it's entirety. The digital version also features a bonus tune called ''Dig This'' which was not featured on any of the records. It's available at all digital outlets including the good folks over at Traxsource.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Preview KLRLTD021 - Shaka - Urbanatural EP

Hey everyone! Our previews for our next LTD EP with Shaka are now up on the cloud. We keep right on moving - this time to the great country of Switzerland for superb talent and all around incredible guy - Shaka. He's put together a four-cut collection of deep, underground house joints that were love at first listen for us. Having previously released only on Chez Damier's Balance Alliance & fellow Swiss label Morris Audio - we're stoked to have the opportunity to join forces with Shaka & hope you're as pleased as we are at the result! Check them out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VinylAddicted profiles Closed Paradise

VinylAddicted, in addition to being an all around great person, has also been a great supporter of ours over the years. Cheers once again to he and to everyone who's spend their hard earned $$ on our records! Check their post on the "The Distance Between EP" from Closed Paradise on their blog by clicking here!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Supplement Part 3 out now!

The Supplement Trilogy draws to a close now with Part 3 of Last Supplement now available from the folks at Juno Records. If you were someone who gave Nate a shout out for ''Supplement Finale'' we think you'll be quite pleased with how it turned out! Add a pinch of green to your red and blue!