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Kolour Recordings Top 11 Tunes of 2012

Kolour Recordings Top 11 Tunes of 2012

Whittling an entire year's worth of tunes down to just eleven is quite an undertaking, especially given how much quality was bestowed upon us in 2012. None the less - our criteria for our Top Tunes of 2012 was solely based on what tunes did it big for us this year at gigs, guest mixes, and various other pockets of time. These were just off the top of our head, so apologies in advance to anyone who was inadvertently left off.

11.  Recloose - "Don't Get Me Wrong" (Tornado Wallace Remix)
       Delusions of Grandeur 

Second entry for Tornado Wallace in our list comes courtesy of Delusions of Grandeur. The original version grabbed a lot of attention but we encourage anyone out there who loved the original to give the remix a spin at their next gig. Very DJ friendly and the mastering is just incredible! 

10.  Debonair - "Why"
      House of Disco

This one was a no brainer for us. Our man Conor Bevan aka Debonair with one of the more floor-friendly, timeless edits of 2012 that did it big every single spin.

9Chopstick & JohnJon - "Listen"

This one seemed to find it's way into our rotation every single time without fail. These two were blessed with the gift of soul (or is it the gift of soul) and their chemistry is undeniable. 


8.  Nicholas - "What Freedom?"

2012 was a banner year for our good pal Nicholas and truth be told .. we could have easily composed a top 12 of 2012 comprised of nothing but his tunes. Alas this was yet another standout of his for us this year. 


7. Ben La Desh - "Stop That Groove Girl"
    Sleazy Beats Black OPS 

"That's what the fuck this room needs right here!!" A quote straight from someone who obviously loved this tune every bit as much as we did this year. A killer groove that we'd rather see NEVER stop. 

6. Monte - "True"

Talk about an attention getter - this was it! Nothing but proper deep vibes and a pure joy to play no matter what the setting was. Monte is without a doubt one to keep your eyes peeled for!

5. Bicep - "Getcha Boi"

    Feel My Bicep

No Muscle No Hustle was the theme of 2012 for our Bicep brothers and "Getcha Boi" was just one of three tunes from their massive first EP on their own label "Feel My Bicep". Any one of these tunes could contend as a top pick for us really - we just happened to find ourselves reaching for this one the most. 

4. Tornado Wallace - "Rainbow Road" (Lewie's Bowser Castle Remix)
    Instruments of Rapture

Question: Name someone who can take their own tune, which is already BIG in of itself and give it a massive re-rinse? Answer: Lewie Day. Proving that sequels can be every bit as good as the originals. HUGE HUGE tune!

3. M.ono & Luvless - "Never Gonna Leave You" 

HELLO LEIPZIG! This one was all about luv at first listen for us. A beautiful, slightly pitched-down affair that bleeds soul with one of the most infectious vocal hooks we've ever heard. As lovely as the day is long.

2. HNNY - "For the Very First Time"
    Local Talk

One can easily make a valid argument that label of the year was Tobias and our pals at Local Talk. This joint by HNNY was (and still is) without a doubt the stunner of 2012 for us. So fun to play, great mixability, and one of those tunes that was a highlight in every single set and will be for many years to come. Timeless!

1.  Todd Terje - "Inspector Norse"
     Smalltown Supersound

The tune so nice .. you'd play it twice! You either loved Inspector Norse or you hated it, but one thing was certain .. the way this tune carried a dance-floor was undeniable. Easily our pick for not only tune of the year, but video of the year too. Way to go Todd!

We'd personally like to take a moment and thank everyone for the wonderful support you showed us in 2012 and trust us when we say - great things are on the horizon in 2013! 

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