Monday, March 21, 2011

Exclusive Interview & Mix: Pol_On

Pol_On are one of the most exciting names in House Music right now and we're thrilled to share this Kolour Blog exclusive Mix and Interview with them to celebrate their "Used To Say" EP out now!

How do a respected Jazz musician and someone from the underground house music scene come together? Can you give us a little background on how you two met and how that evolved into Pol_On?

Of course this might to be a little strange, but all those different backgrounds can "cooperate" good with each other. Few years ago I just finished Music Jazz Academy in Katowice and was searching for some new inspirations and met Michael at his party in Warsaw. For me this kind of music was something completely new, so I decided to dig more into this kind of music. Before that I was producing more pop and jazz stuff, but for me the most important thing in music were these kind of freedoms, so that was my way to it. I sent Michael my first demo and that’s how it began. He invited me to his party and later we just decided to do music together and discover that we have the same kind of music sensitivity.. And that's how Pol_On begun.

Do you guys have primary tools you use for production or do you mix it up and improvise a lot in the studio?

We don't have any tools, every track or remix is a different story and you must tell it in different way...

Some argue that bands/producers need friction to function. Do you see that in how you work and how do you deal with the situation when you just can’t see eye to eye on something?

Sometimes you just need to speak only couple of minutes with another person to know that he is the "right person" to cooperate with. In these times especially when you have Skype and whole world is online all the time.

Do remixes get in the way of your own work or does applying your signature to another artist keep the creative juices flowing?

We think that is the point of doing remixes, it's some kind of different interpretation of your own or other artist music. To push the remixed track in a different way that you heard in original version.

Who are some of your musical hero’s?

There are a lot of favorite artists. We listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and in almost every genre we find someone who we find interesting from our side. We're really impressed by such artists as: Deetron, Henrik Schwarz, Space Dimention Controller, Kink, Jazzanova.. and many more

This EP for us is all original songs, are there any producers you would have liked seen remix these songs or are you glad they are out only as you intended them?

The idea for this EP was that we want to release only original songs, but of course there are a lot of artists that we want to give our music to remix. We hope that this isn't our last EP for Kolour and there will be more opportunities in future to be remixed by some artists for the label.

The feedback on this EP has been amazing; does getting so much positive feedback overwhelm you or motivate you to keep pushing forward?

Of course that kind of positive feedback will give us a big "energy kick" to improve ourselves and hopefully evolve our music to next level.

Any plans for a full length Pol_On album anytime soon?

Yes, we're thinking about our album and have all the concepts for it in our minds.

Kololur Blog Exclusive Mix #6: Pol_On

As an added bonus, Kacper & Mike of Pol_On have knocked out another brand new mix exclusively for our Kolour Blog mix series as a free download for you!

KolourBlog Mix 06 - Pol_On by KolourRecordings

For more info on Pol_on, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here!

Pol_On "Used To Say" Ep available now on wax at Juno, Decks, and available Digitally from Beatport!

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