Sunday, February 14, 2010

German duo make their debut on Kolour!

KLR014 - Kruse & Nuernberg - Drenched EP

Perhaps two of of the deep house world's fastest rising stars - Florian Kruse & Nils Nuernberg - have just made their debut on Kolour Recordings. The German duo, known for their music on labels such as NRK, Noir, Fresh Meat (under their Wiretappeur guise), Brown Eyed Boys, and others deliver a deep and moody single. The title track "Drenched" is just that, drenched in mood and soul that deliver music to dancefloors looking for quality along with functional dance music.
When putting together a remix package one of the key ingredients is to make the release diverse in sound and the cast enlisted did not disappoint. Staying at home with the hometown duo is another pair of producers known as Motorcitysoul. The provide a dub version which provides a fantastic bassline sure to keep heads and feet alike moving. Don Melon who you will also know as Je Davu strips things back with a percussive early warehouse feel that will appeal to techno fans as much as it will house music afficianados. Last but not least is Detroit-born UK transplant Kris Wadsworth. Still young, Kris is achieving new heights with every release already having EP's with Morris Audio, Fresh Meat, NRK not to mention remix work for names like Steve Bud on his Poker Flat imprint. His has developed a gritty, unique sound that treads different house styles just enough to draw you in no matter your sound.
This release is available in both vinyl and digital formats so be sure to grab your copy now! Thanks for the support!

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