Saturday, February 11, 2012

The LTD Chronicles - 6th Borough Project

The LTD Chronicles compiled and mixed by 6th Borough Poroject

To commemorate the 10th Kolour LTD release the boys have done a mix of selected, hand picked tunes from our LTD back catalog that will be released on CD only in conjunction with the forthcoming Kolour LTD vinyl release.


Fantastic Man - Say What You Said
Alex Agore - Promised You Love
Nicholas - On The Ground
Norm De Plume - Steady Teddy (Franc Spangler Remix)
Deadly Sins - Sometimes
Fantastic Man - Groove With You
Alex Agore - Man Down (Tornado Wallace Remix)
6th Borough Project - When The Hate Is Gone
Eddie C - Simple Song
South West Seven - The Only One
Norm De Plume - Tribute To JBW
Fantastic Man - Nothing But A Thang

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