Saturday, November 24, 2012

Soul Minority - "Slove" Album coming soon

Soul Minority - a name that has been synonymous with proper house music that's been tearing up dance-floors, mixes, and charts all across the globe for almost five years strong now.

Throughout this journey - we've managed to forge an ever-lasting friendship with Oli and now we're please to finally present to you "SLOVE" a 12-track masterpiece embodies everything that Oli has worked for over the years. From the typical floor-friendly Soul Minority sounds, to the Lo-Slung feel good joints, and everything else in between, "SLOVE" is not just another album - it's the story of one man's journey (yes, Soul Minority is just one person lol) through time and space - interpreted though music. It also marks our 50th and yes, final digital-only release here at Kolour Recordings.

Bottom line - Kolour Digital #50 is a celebration and we hope you'll join us! However, we realize that 50 releases isn't possible on any medium without the support that each one of you have given us over the years. To say that we appreciate it would be dramatically understating it .. so we'll just once again say Thanks .. from the bottom of our hearts.


1.  Signals
2.  Automobile Blues
3.  Further
4.  Slove
5.  For Real
6.  Run Into U
7.  Plough Hand Blues
8.  Down The Road
9. Beautiful Dark Skin
10. Too Deep For Tears
11. Get Down
12. Always There

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