Saturday, March 29, 2014

KLRLTDRSD002 - Kai Alce World Record Store Day 2014 preview

Time flies and believe it or not... World Record Store Day 2014 is almost upon us. April 19th marks the date we're once again doing a special "RSD" release to commemorate the occasion. This time we stay on U.S. soil and reach out to one of our long-time underground house heroes - Kai Alce. Detroit born and now residing "NDATL", Kai hits us with three soulful, underground house joints that are perfect for THE occasion or ANY occasion for that matter.

No need for a track-by-track breakdown from us, we think the music speaks for itself. However, we'd love to hear what YOU think of it. As always - she's vinyl only and yes, that is a picture of the ACTUAL VINYL design you see. Each pattern is different though .. no two vinyl are alike! She'll release first in physical shops that participate in RSD festivities (we're guess that's just about everyone) and then on the online emporiums shortly there-after (Juno, Decks, etc). We sincerely hope you dig the sounds!

As always thank you for the support as we would be null and void without it!

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