Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beautiful Vision Podcast 033 by Mike W

I know we don't always have time to sit down and listen to all the mixes we'd like to, but just in-case you get some free time sprinkled in your day and are interested .. here's a little 45 minute guest-mix and some ramblings about the label and such for our good pal Funkyjaws' Beautiful Vision Podcast

Mix features some forthcoming bits from Kerri Chandler (Official) off Dirt Crew, Playin' 4 the city off Plastik People Recordings, Thatmanmonkz off Delusions of Grandeur and of course Kolour LTD, some freshly released stuff including the incredible remix of "Into Your Story" by Kai Alce, Franc Spangler off Delusions of Grandeur, Saine off Sleazy Beats Recordings, and a couple personal favorites by Marques Wyatt and Metro Area

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