Thursday, February 26, 2015

From The Woods EP out next week!

We just received word that the GOSHAWK EP shall land NEXT WEEK. Here's the pre-listing for Juno in-case you fancy being e-mailed when it becomes available. Speaking of Juno - here's what they say about the release:

"Matlock-residing Matt Rivem has been doing his thing on the East Midlands deep house scene for longer than anyone can remember, most notably as part of Rhythm Plate. Here he debuts a new solo alias, Goshawk. Naturally, From The Woods is impeccably produced, and features a trio of delicious deep house gems. There's a pleasingly breezy feel about the bluesy vocal samples, jazzy beats and heavy sub of "In The Evening", while "Sun Up (Heavy Vibes)" comes blinking towards the light via shuffling, Osunlade-ish beats, soulful vocal samples and Balearic electronics. "I Know You Told Me", on the other hand, sounds like vintage US deep house - all eyes-closed diva vocal hits, bumpin' beats and bespoke chords."

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