Monday, July 16, 2012

Dowload Mike W's guest Mix for THE LOOP radio show

If you missed it, here is Mike's guest mix for the radio show The Loop! Listen, download, share... Enjoy!

Kolour Recordings - Guest Mix for THE LOOP radio show track list:

?? - Hidden Track - Insruments of Rapture #10
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Now's Tomorrow - Pittsburgh Tracks
LTJ - Aint Nothing But A Groove - Hot Groovy
Willo Schubarth - Cherry Lips & Roller Skates - In The Woods
Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road *Lewie's Bowser Castle Rmx - Instruments of Rapture
6th Borough Project - Without You - Kolour LTD
Klic/Lokiboi - Slow Down *Frank Booker Rmx - Kolour Recordings
Ben La Desh - Don't Stop That Groove Girl - Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Trujillo - You Keep Me - Apersonal Music
Heion - Shame - Midnight Riot
Ben Sun ft. Slow Hands - Love Hotel - Delusions of Grandeur

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